Shandong Zhongchuang Tire Co., Ltd. Environmental Promise

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2018/02/08 17:00
Our company promises that we will strictly abide by environmental laws and regulations, standardize corporate environmental management, ensure stable discharge of pollutants, and become a conservative company. If there is excessive discharge, voluntarily accept the high limit punishment
And stop production and governance.
First, strictly abide by the environmental protection laws, regulations and rules and regulations.
2. Effectively strengthen the management of environmental pollution prevention and control of enterprises, ensure the normal operation of on-line monitoring facilities, ensure stable transmission, and achieve discharge standards.
Third, the establishment of a complete archives, the implementation of standardized management of environmental protection.
Fourth, strengthen the awareness of enterprises on environmental protection, and do a good job in the work of the company's environmental pollution prevention and control work.
V. The project will strictly implement the EIA and "three simultaneous" systems.
6. Take the initiative to accept the supervision of the environmental protection department. Do not conceal or deceive and report pollution.
VII. Improve environmental emergency accident contingency plans, strengthen daily emergency preparedness, improve emergency facilities, implement environmental safety measures, and prevent the occurrence of environmental pollution accidents.
8. Actively promote clean production, create environmentally friendly enterprises, and continue to carry out energy conservation and consumption reduction, and pollution reduction and efficiency enhancement.
If you violate the above commitments, our company will voluntarily undertake the corresponding legal responsibility.
   Hereby commit to!
Commitment unit: Shandong Zhongchuang Tyre Co., Ltd.
                                                  August 2017
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